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  • Pre matrimonial
    Pre Matrimonial

    Discreet investigation to verify the merits and demerits of an individual before an arranged marriage takes place.

  • Post matrimonial
    Post Matrimonial

    Discreet investigation to verify the activities of the spouses, especially in cases like extra-marital affairs etc.

  • Official

    To investigate problems prevalent in offices – both Private/Public Sector/ Government offices, pin point the source of trouble mongers and suggestions of remedial measures.

  • Civil

    To investigate cases relating to Civil disputes connected with immovable properties such as land, houses, housing plots shops, factories etc., and also securing relevant evidential records for production in a Civil Court.

  • Criminal

    Discreet investigation/inquiries in connection with all criminal cases, inter acting with the Police Authorities, collecting evidence for submitting to the Court etc., are undertaken.

  • Insurance

    Discreet investigations/inquiries pertaining to Insurance claims relating to two wheelers, cars, Lorries, trucks, and other heavy vehicles, as well as investigations connected with Life Insurance/Medical claims are undertaken.

  • Private Government Machinery
    Private Government Machinery

    Discreet Investigation is carried out pertaining to theft of Machinery / Machinery spares etc., in Factories/ workshops etc., owned by Private / Public Sector undertakings.

  • Global Networking
    Global Networking

    Investigations connected with cyber crimes using global network such as siphoning off vital/secret information of industries to their competitors by their own employees are undertaken in a highly confidential/secretive manner.

  • Tracing And Missing

    Investigation/discreet inquiries connected with tracing the whereabouts of missing persons on behalf of private individuals and also on behalf Telecom Service Providers, Banks, Financial Institutions etc., of skipped persons of loans/other credits are undertaken with promptness.

  • Eloping

    Investigation pertaining to eloping of both sexes, tracking down their whereabouts, present status etc., is undertaken with utmost secrecy.

  • Kidnapping

    Discreet investigation is undertaken in connection with kidnapping of children/ adults to ascertain the motive of the kidnappers, to find out the possible hideouts of the kidnappers and their victims, demand of ransoms if any etc.

  • Surveillance-Shadowing, Chasing
    Surveillance-Shadowing, Chasing

    Secret surveillance of a Subject to unearth vital information is carried out in a highly confidential manner, coupled with clandestine shadowing/chasing. Our own two wheelers/4 wheelers are deployed to carry out the clandestine operations.

  • Undercover Assignment
    Undercover Assignment

    To plant our investigators in the client's organization in different posts to locate the accurate reason for all anti-management activities, thefts and pilferages (OR) TO PLANT IN THE SUBJECT'S LOCATION.

  • Theft

    (a) Residential theft: Discreet investigations/inquiries are carried out into any kind of theft taking place in a house.

    (b) Factory/Industrial theft: Investigation is carried out to unearth thefts of finished products/raw materials in factories/ Industries. Thefts of machinery/ spares are also investigated in a highly confidential manner and the culprits identified.

  • Cheating

    Although the term ‘cheating' has wider connotations, it primarily revolves around cheating of money, fraud, forgery etc., on several pretexts. Discreet investigation is carried out into almost all the areas of cheating and the end result achieved to the benefit of the client.

  • Blackmail

    This is another serious crime in the annals of criminology whereby the victim is put enormous mental torture. Discreet investigation is undertaken by us to unearth the source/origination of blackmail and identify the person/ persons involved.

  • Asset Verification
    Asset Verification

    To find out the property owned by an individual or company to enable financial institutions, Private Companies at the time of litigation to recover dues and for judicial cases.

  • Money Recovery
    Money Recovery

    Discreet investigations/inquiries are undertaken to trace the whereabouts of persons absconding after availing of loans from Banks/Financial Institutions, Individual Money Lenders and also Telecom Service Providers and recover the money involved in the transaction through our time tested methods.

  • Pre Employment Screening
    Pre Employment Screening

    To investigate discreetly the candidates of all categories who are to be considered for employment. Based on the report the client will decide whether to select the candidate or dispose.

  • Post Employment Screening
    Post Employment Screening

    To investigate discreetly the past and present employment of a candidate who could have been terminated due to several individual or administrative grounds and to locate any dispute with Labor Court.

  • Video Coverage
    Video Coverage

    IDI has powerful and latest model Video cameras/ still cameras capable of long range shooting. In certain cases where clinching photographic evidence is needed, our crew consisting of skilled investigating officers is deployed with such sophisticated cameras.

  • Spy Software
    Spy Software

    Spy on World with MobiEspion Cell Phone Spy Software "MobiEspion" is a cost effective ($70/year) and power full mobile monitoring and tracking application for android, iPhone and BlackBerry smart phones that allows you to remotely monitor all your mobile activities. It can be used as cell phone spy and monitoring software you just need to install it on the target phone you want to spy on and MobiEspion mobile phone monitoring, tracking and spying software will do rest for you.

    It’s easy to install, installation can be done in five minutes. Once installed in target phone than it allows you to monitor all cell phone activities and act as cell phone surveillance software for you. It allows you to Track Geo Location of a cell phone, monitor and view Call Logs, Text Messages, Photos, Appointments and much more. The features which make MobiEspion stand out in the market are Multiple Platform Support, Unlimited Device Switch, Listen Live Surrounding, Remote Control SMS Command and Remote Monitoring. IPhone spy software, Android spy software and BlackBerry spy software just in $70 per year also makes it economical and well within your budget. Lot much to come! MobiEspion Proudly announces three new features-Monitor Emails, Pin Messages and iMessages impeccably.

    • Call Logs
    • SMS Logs
    • Contacts
    • Appointments
    • Photos
    • Geo Location
    • Email
    • Pin Messages
    • iMessages
    • Unlimited Device Switch
    • Multiple Platform Support
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Remote Control SMS Command
    • Listen Live Surrounding

  • Business Partner & Investment Counselling
    Business Partner & Investment Counselling

    Our agency can help identify 'Venture Capitalists' as business partners of any new business ventures and provide legal expertise for Partnership deals. Profitable and tax saving investment counseling can be imparted to prospective investors with the assistance of Financial Experts.

  • Commercial, Income, Sales Tax Problems
    Commercial, Income, Sales Tax Problems

    Problems connected with payment of Commercial, Income, Sales Tax can be successfully solved to the benefit of the client with assistance from taxation experts through our agency.